What are our aims?

Urgent call - if you are still using Windows 7 time is running out! Microsoft has published the date from which all support - including security 'patches' - will cease. This is 14th January, 2020. Come to our classes to get familiar with Windows 10.

Clarborough & Welham IT Group has been actively promoting the use of computers across the wider Bassetlaw community since 2003. We have a suite of laptops equipped with Windows 10 which is now our focus although we have loads of experience of earlier versions too.

Since its beginnings, the Group has provided easily accessible hands-on experience across a broad range of 'computing' skills (these days the terms IT or ICT are found attached to more academic courses - standing for Information Technology or Information and Communication Technology respectively). We prefer to keep it simple!

The Group has considerable expertise in a wide range of areas; particular interests include family and local history, photography and particularly editing of digital images, social media and use of the internet including e-mail skills. The Group also edits and publishes Clarborough & Welham Newsletter (See News & Newsletter from left hand menu for more details). The Group has also helped our wider community launch their own website (www.clarborough-welham.org.uk) and has added website development tuition to our programmes - see our Website development section for more details.

Classes all take place in Clarborough Village Hall (DN22 9LN), are competitively priced and scheduled within school term-times to avoid holidays. They are grouped in five-week blocks through 30 weeks per year and at two different times per week to maximise access. Currently class times are:

Tuesdays        13:30 - 15:00

Wednesdays  10:00 - 11:30

Classes are particularly designed for beginners - so, if you have never even touched a computer, come along and use one of ours! Classes provide a relaxed, friendly - occassionally 'off-the-wall' - atmosphere in which members also help each other (and occassionally tutors!) get the best from sessions.

Laptops are provided - or bring your own. A friendly atmosphere and a bit of a laugh are provided free!
We aim to develop basic keyboard and desktop skills with 'hand-holding' support (and that smile and joke) always nearby. Our first aim is to free members from that 'fear' of the computer, something that members have been happy to say that we are good at doing. Access to the internet and e-mail topics always figure early in our programmes.

Sessions start with 'Gardeners' Question-time' type opportunities through which members can seek answers to any of their niggling issues that trouble them. We have a small library of texts and magazines that can be used to research topics that escape our tutors too!
We aim to teach 'transferable' skills - we do not just teach members how to use specific software packages, but rather aim to give wide experience so that members feel confident to experiment in new situations. We do, however, start simple and 'hold hands' until such time that members have the self-confidence to launch out on their own.

Typical class setup

Classes take place
in Clarborough Village Hall's Main Hall which has comfortable, padded chairs with tables set at a convenient height for laptops. Just visible in this image is our projector with image 'thrown' onto the rear wall. This is used for demonstration purposes.

Not shown are the desktop server, laser (monochrome) printer, flatbed scanner and free WiFi. All laptops are wirelessly linked to these facilities - even if you bring your own, which quite a few people do!

Fees are just £20 for a full 5-week block of classes.

If you are interested in any of our courses, please contact Greg on (01777) 700 918 or clarboroughwelham@gmail.com

See our Calendar section for programme dates through to July, 2021.

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