Calendar: 2017-2018

All classes run in 5-week blocks avoiding school holidays

Fees are £15.00 per 5-week block.

Classes run through 30 weeks each year.

                   Tuesday afternoons                                                            Wednesday mornings
                        13:30 - 15:00                                                                             10:00 - 11:30


10th January - 7th February                                                    11th January - 8th February

28th February - 28th March                                                      1st March - 29th March

25th April - 23rd May                                                                  26th April - 24th May

Unavailable                                                                           14th June - 12th July

19th September - 17th October                                               20th September - 18th October

14th November - 12th December                                            15th November - 13th December

For dates through 2018 to July see the chart below

For a wallchart displays of these class dates through to July 2018 and Nottinghamshire school's holidays click on the following links:

IT Classes (2016-2017).pdf

IT Classes (2017-2018.pdf