Windows Hints & Tips

Microsoft's Windows operating system (OS) comes with a vast range of keyboard shortcuts. Users who are mainly mouse-orientated (such as image editors) will often find little use for these but anyone who makes significant use of the keyboard will find at least some of these shortcuts a great timesaver.

Just to mention a couple of very commonly used shortcuts, the combination CTRL + P (hold down the Control key, CTRL, and then tap the letter P) immediately opens the printers dialogue window. Similarly, CTRL + A marks all objects in a window, or the whole text in a document.

The Windows key
itself is also a powerful shortcut tool, probably its most used function is as an alternative to mouse-clicking on the Start button.

On this page we provide a few links to resources that explore the whole topic of keyboard shortcuts. Wikipedia article describing the history of the Windows key and listing common Windows key functions. Common Windows key combinations plus in-depth exploration of your keyboard. Windows keyboard shortcuts.

And - finally, have you tried to get the Euro-symbol (€) to print and been unsuccessful? Just hold the Alt-Gr key down while you tap the key that has three symbols on it (4, $ and €) - it's as simple as that! This works for the other keys with three symbols on them too.