Hot News: Beyond beginners

Our classes also move on from beginners although much support is still on hand!

Recent classes have moved on from basic word processing to explore the use of spreadsheets - initially to set up a simple accounts package for personal or small-group use. Tuition applies equally to Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc applications..

Our chosen software applcations, OpenOffice or LibreOffice, are available FREE of charge for download from our Links section. Both of these office suites have facilities for loading and saving Microsoft Office files (including more recent .docx types), a feature that is used quite extensively in our classes.

The group has also looked in more detail at e-mail and wider online experiences including online purchasing, security as well as downloading and uploading.

Registration is at our usual rate of £15.00 for a complete 5-week course.

For an Enrolment Form or further details, please contact Greg on

(01777) 700 918 as soon as possible or go to our Enrol section.