e-Publishing - getting started

Got the words but not sure how to get the audience? Want to get started in the e-Publishing world?

As long ago as 2011, sales of e-books in the U.S.A. exceeded their paper cousins by quite a margin, and the gap has continued to widen world-wide since then. No need to find a publisher, suffer marginal returns on your investments or wait years for payments - get it all done in weeks!

Clarborough & Welham IT Group are developing experience in the first stages of e-publishing, getting your words out of your word processor (we have experience with both Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer) and into a format suitable for a range of e-readers such as Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iPad as well as many other less common devices.

At the time of writing we do not have experience in the process of submitting and agreeing contracts with publishing outlets such as Amazon or iTunes, although we continue to research the options available in these directions.

Transferring your words to your e-reader gives you an in-pocket means of sharing your work with others - much more convenient than either paper copies or use of a laptop or tablet. If your material is free - such as community newsletters or publicity material - then it is easy to transfer these to other people's e-readers since you do not need to go through the e-publisher routes.

If you'd like to join an introductory group exploring e-Publishing, then do get in touch with Greg:

Telephone: (01777) 700 918 or clarboroughwelham@gmail.com