Learning environment

Clarborough Village Hall is conveniently accessible by public transport (service buses 96/97 between Retford and Gainsborough stop near the top of the Hall's driveway) and also by car - ample free car parking is available to the rear of the Hall. The Hall is a modern, single storey, building with easy access for those with mobility issues. Toilets are provided within the building.

The IT Group moved into the Main Hall quite a while ago to cater for larger groups which has allowed much more 'elbow room' and has been universally welcomed by students and staff alike. Tables are usually arranged in a 'horseshoe' configuration so that all members have a clear view of our projector which is used to give easy demonstration of practical matters and also face-to-face contact with all other members - we aim to be a friendly group!

We currently have a dozen laptops equipped with Microsoft Windows 10. They all have free wireless internet connection as well as access to our laser printer and high quality flat-bed scanner.
We recommend that members come equipped with at least one USB Flash drive ('memory stick') but have a supply of 4GB devices which can be loaned.

An increasing number of members bring their own laptops along to classes and we encourage anyone with one to do the same - it's always easier to learn on your own piece of kit! We can easily link these laptops into our own wi-fi system so that users have the same services as those using our own laptops.

All laptops are equipped with key applications, all of which are all 'open source' (i.e. free). Part of our learning programme involves enabling members to add these packages to their own, home, computer systems if they so wish (also see our Download Links page of this website). Currently applications that are installed include:
Mozilla Firefox (web browser - access to the internet)
Apache OpenOffice.org (office productivity suite - word processor, spreadsheet, presentation package, etc)
Document Foundation Libre Office - alternative to OpenOffice.
Gimp (digital image editor)
Avast Anti-virus.
Although laptops usually make use of a touchpad for navigation, we have mice for those who prefer them as well as associated equipment such as camera card readers, etc.