Learning projects

Although our classes include 'didactic' (i.e. teacher-at-the-front-explaining) tuition which is supported by a video projector allowing on-screen demonstration of key concepts, we move as quickly as practicable to a more student-centred approach. This involves members either bringing their own pet projects to classes or getting involved with one of many on-going projects generated by the group. At the time of writing, some of the more significant of these group-based projects are:

  • Researching and preparing a broad history of Clarborough & Welham such that it could, in due course, be published both in print and online.
  • Making a monumental inscriptions survey of our Parish Church (St.John the Baptist) graveyard, possibly in conjunction with pupils from our Clarborough Primary School.
  • Developing our online presence - both this website and also our sister community website.
  • Collecting, collating and editing historic photographic records of our community.
  • Creating a logo/letterhead for our IT Group.
  • Authoring and/or editing material for our sister publication, Clarborough & Welham Newsletter.