Linux - the alternative OS

Want a breath of fresh air, a chance to try a completely different OS (Operating System)? Feel cramped and railroaded into Microsoft-land? Most of all, do you want to experiment with computing that potentially costs nothing but can also run alongside your current Windows OS, replace your old OS completely or even run from CD leaving your current OS untouched (this latter case does result in slower response times and a need to start each session anew - but what the heck, it's a great experiment)?

For anyone familiar with Apple Macs, the Linux experience will seem like home territory; both systems have the same UNIX pedigree.

While our IT Group makes extensive use of open-source applications in our regular classes, we are also keen to explore this complete break with main-stream home computing.

Alternatively, visit the official website at for much more.

Ubuntu Linux is available FREE for download, or may be purchased on CD/DVD for around £5.00 at the time of writing.