Meet the team

Teaching is usually 'fronted' by Greg with the rest of the team usually providing one-to-one or small group support although sometime this pattern is reversed. Val comes from a primary teaching and adult basic skills background while Greg is an ex-secondary school teacher and manager of our community and IT Group websites as well as editor of Clarborough & Welham Newsletter. Kaye has a wide range of business 'communication' experiences and interests such as blogging, Facebook and Twitter. David's experience and interests in business and large-scale voluntary organisations are invaluable whilst Chris has both engineering and teaching experience with a keen interest in the technology.

Committee members are currently:
Greg (Chairman and Website manager)
Vice-Chairman position is vacant
Chris (Treasurer)
David (Secretary)
Val (Associate: Basic Skills and also Newsletter Advertising Manager)

Anne (Tutor)

We are always keen to get new volunteers 'on-board', particularly those with interests or expertise in any aspects of computing/information technology - or a keeness to learn.

Please see our Volunteers page for more details.