Open source software

Tired of paying a fortune for applications? Want reliable, state-of-the-art programs that are equal to market leaders - but cost nothing? Too good to be true?

Far from it - the open source movement is a global phenomenon providing a multitude of packages for every need.

Many users will already be familiar with Firefox web browser, probably one of the best known open source applications, but there are so many more. Clarborough & Welham IT Group have been using as our preferred office package since we re-equipped with laptops in 2009. Clarborough & Welham Newsletter (quarterly print run of 600) is compiled and edited entirely in OpenOffice's text editing package, Writer.

We run short course introductions to open source software as well as more specific packages aimed at particular applications. Our Beginners programme, for instance, is heavily focused on OpenOffice Writer text editing and GIMP, the powerful open source image editing application.

Click here for a very detailed discussion of the whole open-source movement; recommended reading for anyone with an interest in this world of free-to-end-user software. For more on the Mozilla Foundation (see our Download Links section) click here.

Our Download Links section provides links to many of these open source applications.