Website development

Developing your own website can seem a daunting prospect - we know, we felt that way too!

However, once you get into the tasks, it all seems so much easier - but we found a few friends who held our hands, supporting us as we found our feet.

We have experience in two slightly different areas and an exciting up-and-coming project - read on!

a. this site is designed and hosted by BT through their Community Web Kit programme which is designed specifically for the UK Voluntary sector. If your group fits BT's criteria (voluntary, non-profit making, etc) then the service is completely free to your group.

b. we design and manage our sister site for Clarborough & Welham Community ( which incorporates elements of the statutory sector (Parish, District, County Councils and MPs), Law and Order, Health Service as well as numerous voluntary groups. This is a more complex target audience but we have experience in developing websites using free online software and the often daunting prospect of registering your own domain name and arranging web hosting services. Our Community site effort required an 'up front' payment of just under £34 to accomplish the latter two of these tasks (two years domain name registration plus one year of web hosting) so the outlay is not very significant.

Having said these things, to get a website up-and-running does take time. This site went 'live' in late 2010 and probably represents an average time commitment of the order of 10 hours per month. Having said that, many of these hours have been deployed in 'tweeking' the site to improve either appearance or functionality. This particular page, for example, only took about 30 minutes to design and upload and has required some 30mins of 'maintenance' time since then.

For more details, contact Greg on (01777) 700 918 or